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Short Code: 768482 SMTHUB
National Information Solutions Cooperative, herein referred to as “NISC”, along with its affiliated Members, here in referred to as “Provider”, provide subscription based messaging in the form of Short Message Service or text messaging, herein referred to as “SMS”. SMS includes the delivery of electronic communications to a mobile device owned or used by a customer of Provider, herein referred to as “Customer”. NISC may use automated technology to distribute messages to a mobile device directly or through the use of a 3rd party agent.

Signup for SMS Alerts through SmartHub. Customer may enroll themselves in SMS notification programs to receive information from Provider about the service they receive from Provider, their billing account with Provider, or proactive information regarding service issues which may be considered emergency or non-emergency events. Enrollment in messaging is not a contract for service, and Provider may not deny nor approve service based on a customer decision whether to enroll in notification programs. Provider may terminate your enrollment in notification programs at any time without consent for any reason they deem necessary.

Provider does not bill a separate charge for this service; however, message and data rates may apply from your mobile carrier. Subject to the terms and conditions of your mobile carrier, you may receive SMS sent to your mobile phone. By providing your consent to participate in this program, you approve any such charges from your mobile carrier. Charges for SMS may appear on your mobile phone bill or be deducted from your prepaid balance. Provider may send recurring messages.

Privacy Policy
NISC and Provider are committed to building user trust and confidence by promoting and complying with the use of business practices that help protect the privacy of the customer and their data. NISC does not share information with 3rd parties regarding the registration, types of notifications, or any other personally identifiable information. NISC and Provider may collect certain information related to the types of notifications sent to customer, analysis of the receipt of a message, and any other non-personally identifiable information deemed necessary to improve the notification service.

Discontinuation of Service and Help
Customer may elect at any time to discontinue their SMS alerts by replying ‘STOP’ to 768482 for each associated mobile number that has been registered. Alternatively, customer may also unenroll from alerts through their Provider’s SmartHub or Web based electronic billing application. Customer may receive assistance by calling their Provider directly, replying to SMS with the words HELP, or by e-mailing with a description of the request.

Terms of Use
By enrolling to receive notifications, Customer is responsible for all costs associated with receiving SMS. Notifications are informational only, and no warranty is provided as a result of enrolling. NISC nor Provider will be responsible for any loss or damage that could result from interception by third parties of any information made available to you via SMS. NISC nor Provider guarantees the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness of any information or data made available to you for any particular purpose. T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

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